Monday, March 10, 2008

my obsessions these days

How am I lucky enough to be related to some of the cutest kids ever?

Baby Cindy

Jacob in all of his cuteness

Sage and Eliza playing in the park

If only I will be able to have kids this cute someday, my life will be fulfilled. Janel and Danielle, you are great moms and I look up to you both so much. I love you guys!


PS: I'm not exactly related to Amelia Zimmerman, but I've shared a room with her aunt for the past six months, so I'm pretty much family, right?

Amelia reminds me of one of the kids you would see in a Dr. Seuss book. :)
Hooray for cute kids!


janel said...

Uh, they don't call you Mini Janel for nothing. With you being Dr. Donaldson's cover girl now, how could you end up with anything but baby-contest-worthy kiddos? Time will prove my hypothesis, I'm sure.

janel said...

Wait a second...should I be offended that Jacob has a cute face, and my kids have only cute bums? : ) If that's the case, they didn't get those from me, that's for sure.

L. said...

You'll be a terrific Mom. I can't wait . . . well I can . . . but I can't :) --Mom

Danielle said...

You always make me feel like a great mom, which means that you will BE a great mom. I still have that quote you sent me from Sis Tanner about moms. That made me feel like I was doing a great job even without outside recognition. You are the best.

Becca said...

suzy your kids will look like you. they sound hot :) (i hope you got that)
anyway, you'll be a super duper mom, and finally you'll get to be the one that says, "well, that's your decision." hooray for indecisiveness! jk, you really will be awesome