Saturday, March 22, 2008

an unlikely equation? I'll let you decide.



Ryan and Heather


3 flashlights and permission from Mom :)


A splendid activity for a Friday night. Seriously. You should try it sometime. (Including getting permission from your mother before you go :D )

(But, just FYI, when you go, you might want to check to make sure the memory card is IN the camera. Yeah, we learned that the hard way... Thus, the pictures from the Internet! Maybe one of these days I'll buy my own camera and quit my belly achin'. But for now, I'll just mooch off Ryan and the family and keep whining. To quote Commander Keen: Sounds like a plan, bearded one!)


L. said...

Heather came home raving about it last night! Thanks for letting her enjoy it along with you. --Mom

Ryan said...

haha Suz. Are you done making jabs at me yet? It was too dark to take any good pictures anyway. This was a blast though. Becca and Jordan - foolish of you guys to wimp out on us, it was sweet.

Danielle said...

That sounds fun. Especially since Commander Keen approved.

Camille said...

I was out looking at stars and stuff with my astronomy class that night!