Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finished, por freaking FIN!

It's done. Worth ten percent of my grade and after weeks of supposedly working on it, my Issues Paper for English is turned in. Phew. After all that procrastination, I (of course) re-made my eternally existent (and never yet achieved) goal to not procrastinate. Yet, somehow, here I sit, at 1:04 in the morning, at good ol' Walter. (aren't commas fun?) Typing away. I love using fragments because. I can. Grammar rules stinks and I've had enuf with this whole speling thing to last a liftime. Rules such as passive voice don't have to be followed unless so desired. And since this is my blog and not a strict paper with too many guidelines, I'm gonna write good. The way I want to.

Ha ha actually it wasn't too bad. And when it did get to the crunch time, I knew it was my fault so I couldn't blame anyone else for my predicament. The definition of crunch time will be best demonstrated by my schedule today.

10 am-12 noon Library
1:30 pm-3 pm Library
4 pm-6:30 pm Library
9:45 pm-11:55 pm Library

Total hours spent working on my paper in the library today: SEVEN.

Seven hours and ten minutes of sitting at a computer, staring at the screen, desperately trying to make sense of my jumbled sentences and connect random pieces of information together. Thank goodness for kind souls who suffered through my paper with me.

Which brings me to my two angel editors of the day:
1. Janel
2. Ryan
You need a good paper; you bring it to these two. Tooth-hurty.

Janel helped me make it longer and advised me with the organization of my paper. She probably received at least 4 or 5 different drafts via email in the past 48 hours. Lucky her. Ryan brutally threw out passive voice construction, semi-colons, more passive voice, "thus"s, passive voice, run-on and wordy sentences, and yes, passive voice. Either he really really really finds true joy and pleasure in editing and hashing badly written papers...or he likes me a lot. (It's still a toss-up.)

Thank you, both of you. Thanks (and sorry) to all of my roommates who get to deal with a crabby girl who has been sitting a lot too long. Thanks to everyone that doesn't get offended if I accidentally glare at when I pass them on the sidewalk because I'm trying not to fall over from sleep deprivation. Thanks for not asking me about the best treatment methods for anorexia nervosa or how to look something up on the library's website.

Don't worry, I'm not going to make this procrastination thing a habit.

Heh heh.

Well, it's not too late, right? What's that quote that says it's never too late to be the person you wish you would have been...?

Done. I'm going to bed.

P.S. I'll keep you posted (literally) on how well I did on the paper.


Ryan said...

Suzy's paper was the one that I edited. The Library was where I spent a lot of my time helping her. Because I like her so much, I helped edit her paper. My bed is where I should be right now, but like Suzy, procrastination is something that is dealt with by me.

Basically Suz, I prefer active voice, and so will your teacher :)

Danielle said...

Nice job. I remember pulling my first ever all-nighter to finish an English paper, and when I took it to class the next day, class was CANCELLED. RRR! Also, I bet there weren't THAT many passive voice sentences in your paper.

Amanda said...

Yeah my pressing homework was done, so I felt that burden lifted for but a moment. If that is you grumpy, then I even more would like to be like you :) You were just fine and I'm glad you got it done! Sitting and staring at the computer STINKS!

It's your turn for a great day! I hope you get it!

Beetle said...

Ryan and Suzy sittin' in a tree. Sitting in a tree is what they are doing. Uhhh, sorry, Yoda just took over my keyboard.

janel said...

Well, I learned some important info about how to insert comments in a document. So I guess the 6 drafts I did were not wasted time! Why don't you splurge and celebrate and go see Men's Chorus for the second time tonight. I hope you got some bread.

Becca said...

Suzy, if you didn't procrastinate, you'd never get to do fun stuff like hang out with me. so procrastinate on! :) good job on yer pape.

Suzy said...

Danielle, I'd be so so so mad if that happened to me. And Janel, I did get some bread, and I brought Cosette and Ryan along too and he called his sister and she came and got some too so it certainly was a huge success. And very yummy too. Bec, did you ever get your paper done?

Suzy said...

ps amanda, I did have a good day today. :) An hour and a half long nap helps make a day good!

Kimberly said...

Suz, you are funny. Your grammar-less post reminds me of Becca playing hymns without any flats or sharps. You two must be sisters!