Monday, January 28, 2008

My Apologies

It's been a full four weeks since I last posted. And what a long four weeks it has been. Sheesh. Anyway, I promise to write a real blog soon, but here's a slacker post because I'm dying to blog but feel guilty when I have schoolwork to be doing. Thus, tonight I am overriding -- or trying to override -- that oh-so-sensitive guilt complex of mine and promise myself a "quick post."

During the past four weeks I went on my first real road trip, chopped my hair, got to bed before 11:30 five days in a row, finally got put on acutane, went to my first temple open house in twelve years, played at a wedding reception, used a purse for the first time in months (literally), slept on the floor, got back to my dorm at two a.m., visited Rexburg, Idaho for the first time, remembered my intense dislike for messy rooms and procrastination, went to my nephew's second birthday party, gave Ryan more food than I've eaten myself (okay, maybe that one's a stretch :), became re-addicted to pretzels, went snowshoeing up the canyon, did my visiting teaching, was visit taught, and was home taught all on the last Sunday of the month, turned 19 and 1/4 years old, walked around in a skirt and no nylons in 12 degree weather + wind chill, mooched cheese off my parents, screamed myself hoarse at Heather's basketball game, tried to become Cindy's favorite aunt (unsuccessfully, I'm afraid), stayed up WAY too late talking to roommates, and spent hundreds of dollars on books.

Good times, good times. College is great! The one thing that's glaringly absent from that beautiful list: blogging. So here I am. Although I may have seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth, never fear, I am here. And I'm back to stay.

That's a promise.