Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Few Things I'm Looking Forward to This Christmas Season

--going to see the lights at Temple Square
--hearing Christmas music on the radio (excluding cheesers like "Santa
Baby" and "Hey, Santa")

--the end of my first semester of college
--singing Christmas hymns and carols
--being able to enjoy my first true Christmas break since the sixth grade
--the kitchen table on Christmas morning
--watching It's A Wonderful Life
--Dad and Kim's annual recitation of Luke 2 around the Christmas tree
--reading books for fun (this includes finally finishing the last hundred
pages of Les Mis)

--decorating my dorm with Christmas happiness
--cheesy Christmas sweaters
--watching Dad laugh his head off at Scrooge's pithy lines
--moving back home for a few weeks
--not working at a restaurant during the holidays!!
--trying to play the Nutcracker piano duets
--saying "Merry Christmas" to the checker in the grocery store and other
random people I don't even know

--the Men's Chorus Concert
--reading through the box of Christmas books for the hundredth time
--listening to Kim sing "Star of Bethlehem"
--hearing Dad retell the story of the Christmas china
--getting slaughtered at Rummikub by Uncle Lloyd on New Year's Eve
--not having to go to the stake dance on New Year's Eve!!!
--having a positive attitude when we go Christmas caroling as a family
--watching the First Presidency's devotional
--sitting by the Christmas tree in the dark
--getting my hair cut and donating it to Locks of Love
--chilling with the fam
--re-reading the Christmas story in the scriptures
--drawing closer to the Savior


RDC said...

I just put away all the Thanksgiving decorations today, so the season can officially begin! I'm looking forward to all those things too! --Mom

Danielle said...

What a great list. And I'm glad you're looking forward to having a positive attitude while caroling. I'm looking forward to not caroling with Jacob, and that will help me have a positive attitude! The only thing he ever wants to sing anyway is "gobble gobble" (a turkey sat on the backyard fence). We need to move on from Thanksgiving!

janel said...

If you need a special cheesy Cmas sweater to wear to the BYU Men's chorus concert, or caroling, a certain elementary teacher of ours gave me the perfect one (except for being size 18) that I'm happy to let you borrow to enhance the Christmas mood. Watch out for mistletoe at the concert, though.

ryan said...

Another great list Suz. I love that you love all the same things about Christmas that I love. (except for maybe Rummikub w/Uncle Lloyd) What do you think? Can we knock some of these off together?

Kimberly said...

I can teach you some tips about staying warm while Christmas caroling! (Hot-hands are amazing, just in case you were wondering.) Or, you can just borrow my down Eskimo coat! It may look like something out of Iron Will, but it's very warm! :)

ryan said...

Oh yeah, one more thing. Very funny Janel.

janel said...

Don't worry, Ryan. I've already alerted Uncle Lloyd--He's ready to challenge you to a game of Rummikub. I'll bring my pom poms.

janel said...

Why does Ryan not have his own blog? Thanks for playing answering machine for us, Suzy.

Sadira said...

You write very well.