Saturday, November 17, 2007

I've Been Tagged

4 Things I Do Instead of Going To Bed:
1. make a hairball
2. cut off split ends
3. eat graham crackers and milk
4. talk with my roomies

4 Things I Want
1. a private jet
2. an ipod
3. a laptop
4. a Segway scooter

4+ Things I Have Never Done:
1. bought anything out of a vending machine
2. watched Sesame Street
3. eaten a churro
4. gotten a speeding ticket or been pulled over
5. pulled a true all-nighter
6. eaten Dip'n'Dots
7. broken a bone or gotten stitches (except for Wisdom Teeth and that doesn't count)
8. fallen asleep in class or while reading a book

4 Things I'm Not Proud Of:
1. I have had lice before
2. I cheated on a test in 7th grade Health
3. I had my first cavity last year :(
4. I seriously almost ran over a fellow college student in the parking lot the other day

4 Jobs I've Had:
1. Weekly housekeeper at Bill Korn's house. Shoot me now. Thanks to him, I now enjoy a strong aversion to cleaning coffee makers. Although he did give me an attractive pair of slippers that I still wear. Later I started working for Grandmother, and apart from being much better company, she--without fail--gave me a yogurt every Saturday along with my pay. (If you don't believe this, ask Heather. She will attest.)
2. Bussing tables at Magleby's. Doc: "You better be on time...or I'll smack ya!"
3. Server at the B.O. No comment.
4. Throughout my sophomore, junior, and senior years my weekly Saturday job--which I usually completed one out of every three weeks--was to be in charge of the upstairs living room/piano area. This entails: vacuuming with both the big and little vacuums (and moving all the furniture which of course I never did), dusting (organ, fake plants, piano, pictures...Mom could always find somewhere I missed), cleaning the windows (inside and out, including the sliding glass doors which never were clean from about two feet down, thanks Jacob, Sage, and Eliza :) ... or maybe it was just because I never cleaned them!), and watering the plants. I was pretty proud of myself that I didn't kill all of the live plants we own. In fact, only one died during my entire three years of stewardship, and it was ugly anyway. The Christmas cactus that Rich gave Mom two years ago is still alive, thank you very much. It's a cactus, but still. I didn't kill it.

4 Most Common Cravings For This Week:
1. pumpkin custard
2. pumpkin custard
3. pumpkin custard
4. blackberry pie

4 Special Features of My Apartment
1. Apartment? What apartment? I'd call it a dungeon. 40+ year-old Heritage Halls and its lovely cinder block walls have never been especially well-known in creating a hospitable and friendly atmosphere... Being in the basement doesn't help much either. It doesn't help that if you step out our back door you are immediately greeted with pipes, a carpet-less floor due to the flooding last month, furnaces emitting rattling noises, literal "cages" where everyone keeps their extra junk that doesn't fit under their bed, the piano room, and of course the washers and dryers. Just like home, right?
2. Our bathroom has a shower and a tub. For once Heritage architects did something right. This is seriously nice--in an apartment of 6 girls, there are bound to be times when two people need to shower at the same time (especially on Sunday mornings). Someone can be showering in the shower, while the other can be showering in the tub.
3. One outlet in the bathroom. I guess I shouldn't be complaining--at home Mom and Dad's bathroom didn't even have an outlet at all until Dad put one in...but still. Come on--and nowadays practically all hairdryers have that mongo plug thing that covers both of the outlet openings...Sheesh. Let's just say I've blow-dryed and flat-ironed my hair in the kitchen before...multiple times...
4. Two couches. Wow, are we lucky. We stole the second one from the lobby and stuffed it in our kitchen, creating a more liveable living space and more conducive movie-watching area. So sneaky, those girls from Bowen 11.

4 Books I've Read Over 15 Times
1. The Boxcar Children
2. 1st Nephi. (Please don't ask me how many times I've finished 2nd Nephi...or the entire book of Mormon, for that matter.)
3. The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. (15 times? Try fifty bajillion, thanks to Hezbollah)
4. Nancy Drew series. Oh dear.

4 Projects I Can't Seem To Finish (or start)
1. The quilt that Sister Petersen gave me. She hand-pieced it together and everything...and it's stuffed in a bag somewhere.
2. Moving out. I know, this is pathetic. But there are still boxes--in fact I believe there is a stack of 4 or 5 apple boxes right by the door--in my room with yearbooks, papers from high school, trophies, and a lot of other junk that I have accumulated throughout the years. I don't want to take all that stuff with me to college! But I don't know what to do with it. So why not leave it to clutter up Heather's room for a few more months, right? One of these days I'll find all of it in my Maid Bag and be cursing life...just like Becca warned me.
3. My scrapbook. Oh wait--I haven't even started. (Same goes for family history. I don't want to think about it. Denial is the way to go, as I always say.)
4. Getting all of my quotes organized and into one place. I have quite a nice collection from Seminary, Young Women lessons, and the LDS-Gems weekly quote emails, but it's just such a big job to get them all sorted by category and everything that...they are all just stuffed in a folder in my room (and in my quote folder in my Inbox). Oh well. Maybe a project for this summer?

4 Things That Made Me Cry
1. Getting my first, last, and only A- in high school. I hate Mr. Myrup. Okay, not anymore. But I did there for a while.
2. A Tale of Two Cities. Currently on my top 3 favorite book list.
3. Becca getting engaged
4. The Notebook


Jonathan said...

Oh my gosh Suz you are so funny. I love your lists, especially the things you have never done. You haven't ever bought anything out of a vending machine, or even watched Sesame Street?!

L. said...

A private jet for Christmas, eh? We'll see! --Mom

Camille said...

Oh Suzanne...

ryan said...

Suz, I have an addition for things you're not proud of... I'll start it and you have to finish it okay? One time, I went on a date to a rodeo, and when he dropped me off at the doorstep I...

Danielle said...

You would be starving and still avoid the vending machine! Oh well, it will save you a pile of money in the end, which you can use to buy the good kind of graham crackers.

Suzy said...

Ryan, I am not ashamed of that doorstep scene one bit. Your pride was just crushed, that's all. It's good for you. And Danielle, sometime we should go on an outing with all the money I've saved up and eat as many graham crackers as we can (as long as it's after your doctor's appointment...)

janel said...

Please remind me to never play the "I've Never" game with you, Suz. My goal in life is to get you to buy one healthy inexpensive thing from BYU's vending machines once before you graduate (or inflict starvation on yourself). In exchange, you can cook me up a massive hairball or two, and tell me the rodeo story.

ryan said...

Good job Janel, it'll be good for her humility to tell the rodeo story, keep pestering her.

Ryan said...

They're called Segways

Camille said...

What is pumpkin custard? I love almost all pumpkin things. It sounds delicious. The list of things you have never done, you're missing a chunk out of life for each and every one of those numbers...

Suzy said...

Camille, pumpkin custard is pumpkin pie without the crust. That way, it's not a dessert and I'm allowed to eat it. (Please don't mention that pie crust doesn't have any sugar in it, I'm aware of the fact. It's the principle of the thing!) Yep, pumpkin custard is pretty much amazing. And it's healthier than pumpkin pie too! Woot woot!

Kimberly said...

I can sympathize on cleaning the living room. That was my job before it was yours and that blasted front window was the bane of my existence! I swear the smudges were something inside the glass because I cleaned both sides so many times and still never managed to get it to Mom's satisfaction!