Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today's Top Five

Everyone needs a pick-you-up-er around midterms. For this reason, I’ve snuck into Suzy’s account, and am happy to bring you today's Top 5!

Five great things about Suzy

1. She’s got such cute little feet, and never rubs it in when my big size 9 ½ shoes are next to her little 6’s.

2. She can produce a mean hairball [If you doubt the accuracy of this statement, invite her over to read her scriptures with you around 10pm. As sure as the sun rises each day, she’ll whip a hairy one up before the chapter’s done. But she always keeps it in a nice, clean ball.

3. She can take out a package of Life cereal in a week. And if she doesn’t have Life on hand, she can live off a piece of toast, or three, per morning. Or maybe 5 pieces of pizza if Edna Maturlo isn’t watching.

4. Two words: gorgeous hair.

5. She knows all the good studying places in the HBLL, and could probably find her way to the Law Library from her dorm room blindfolded.

I can't stop now, I'm on a roll!

6. She’s generous with her meal plan, and constantly supplies her siblings with Creamery food.

7. She’s NEVER bought an item from a vending machine, even on campus with her meal plan card. [And probably never told a lie, or chewed with her mouth open.]

8. “But my socks are getting wet….but they’re wet.” Classic cute little Suzy. Boys: don’t ask her on a date to make caramel apples. Just trust me. We’ve got proof.

9. If you're too out of shape to get your two kids in a bike trailer up 9th east, she'll gladly bike them up for you. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

10. She's so great with the kiddies.

Hang in there, Suzy. We love you.



PS--Honk if you think Suzy's great. Or just leave a comment on this post.


Danielle said...

Suzy's so great with the kiddies, Jacob saw her on this post and started yelling, "Susu! Susu!" Yes, how is it that Suzy's the tallest in the family with the smallest feet? And I am impressed about the vending machine!!! Especially if you have a meal plan and live on campus! (If you ever decide to succumb, I'll tell you where the good ones are). Suzy is the best ever. Honk, honk for Susu.

Bad Dad said...

I love Suz because she leaves me notes that make me think I am a cool dad and professor. Wow, talk about an ego booster! I love the way she has jumped into the big BYU pond and not been blown away. She's a very mature young lady.

The proud professor

Jonathan said...

Oh yes, Suzy is great! If you don't believe me, just go ask Dr. Fullmer (haha suzy, I made a fuuuuunnny!!)

ryan said...

Well, I'm convinced. Suz, put me back on that list, will ya? It's number 2 that really swayed me. That's a talent that I didn't even know she had. I'll give a couple of honks... why not? I'll have to do it from Suzy's passenger seat though, because besides my Nike's, that's the only form of transportation I've got.

Anonymous said...

Suzy is so hot!

Krista said...

Suzy never gives us any food from her meal plan, maybe we should invite her over for dinner or something (that was from Bryce). Suzy is the best poo-picker-upper I know. Thank you Suz for cleaning out the drain for your roommies. I think they are very grateful.
I love you!

janel said...

I called Suzy and she was talking happily and making me feel good for a few minutes before I realized that she was sick in bed with the stomach flu! That's why Suzy is great. She can be so selfless.

Heather said...

Honk :)

Heather said...

Just kidding- a couple of things I think that should be added to Suzy's list...
1. She is an awesome shoulder massager, and stress reliever, especially in the wee hours of the morning
2. She calls me on Sunday night, to make sure I'm not getting the SNS's too badly
3. She is an amazing and understanding older sister!
I love ya Suzy!

Rebecca said...

yeah, suzy's the favorite auntie, i know--becuase everyone else and i are called susu every time we see jacob.
but she's so funny--i always want to call her and then hang up then do it again, and again--because she can find happiness in something so small as having 10 missed calls.
i love you to suzy

Becca said...

yay for suz!!!!!