Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lists. I Love Them!

I love lists. To do lists, grocery lists, classes to take next semester, things to get at the family’s, goals, Wilson quote lists, people to call, books to read, and boys I’ve kissed... Maybe it makes me feel more in control of my life. Maybe I like them because they aid me in procrastination: I feel productive because I have everything written down and organized, so let’s save the actual doing for tomorrow…or at least later today.

Procrastination is my sin
It brings me much great sorrow.
Alas! I must o'ercome it now!
(I think I'll start tomorrow . . .)

You might have noticed half of my blog entries are lists…it’s just so much easier. Anyway, today I’ve decided to post two lists. I actually had a lot of fun putting these together and keep adding things. Thanks to all who have commented and contributed to the list! :)

Things I Love:
reading for fun
missed calls on my phone
chocolate fountains
comments on my blog :)
new contacts
smelling good

getting up on the wakeboard for the first time
classical music
when class is cancelled
not having to be the one to make Friday night plans
Gerber daisies
eating at restaurants
Feegee weegee stories
grandfather clocks
blueberry muffins
family journals when I was in the cute stage
Special Times with Mom
nieces and nephews who rest their head on your shoulder when you're holding them

riding in the car at night
the smell of cinnamon
the smell of vanilla
Dad singing "Gutenacht" to us before bed
car trips
screaming in scary movies
barbeque chicken pizza
good deals
the burning bush in front of our house
mini coopers
head and shoulder massages
getting into bed early
watching Fiddler on the Roof
dinners with a 5 minute prep time
fluffy pillows
the lights at Temple Square
writing poetry
visiting Dad in his office
staying up late talking
being pleasantly surprised when I come out of the Testing Center and look at my score (unfortunately, this rarely happens)
sitting around in the dark after family prayer
feeling cute
the fam

And, since there must be opposition in all things:

Things I Don't Like:
scandalous comments on my blog
girls belting "O, Canada!" outside my window at 12:30 am
bad breath
crane flies
moldy cheese
split ends
boys who read the "and I find more bitter than death the woman" verse in Ecclesiastes for their spiritual thought in Seminary
facial hair
being bad at things
male chauvinist pigs
low test scores
hairy legs
V-neck T-shirts
writing papers
cigarette smoke

Cork (evil of all evil games)
yellow teeth
warm milk
moths (or any other disgusting flying-crawling insect) in my hair
messy rooms
people who rip on Utah or "Utah Mormons"

scratching on chalkboards
sand between my toes
long fingernails (especially on boys)
canker sores
pens that don't work
saying no
people who act like they know what they're talking about when they don't
chapped lips
being made fun of for being innocent/guillible

smelly kitchen washrags
Mormon movies like Singles Ward
bee stings
overly friendly boys
retainer breath
swear words
feeling stupid and/or awkward
heavy backpacks
dirt under my nails
overflowing toilets (Becca can attest to this one)
the beeping walk signal with which the white man serenades me 24/7
paper cuts
irritated tastebuds
bumping my funny bone
charlie horses



Kimberly said...

How about scandalous comments on your blog?

Suzy said...

how could I have left that off? It's going at the top of the list. Done.

Camille said...

You know, I agree with every one of those things. I'm looking forward to the rest of this blog.

Kimberly said...

Amen to everything on your list, Suz! Although, I want to see this list of boys you've kissed . . . How come you've never mentioned THAT before?

Kimberly said...

Procrastination is my sin
It brings me much great sorrow.
Alas! I must o'ercome it now!
(I think I'll start tomorrow . . .)

Heather said...

Oh my heck, every single thing on the list (except the one about Cork) was sssooo true! Especially the one about boys with long fingernails, Bleeeeeeeeeeeh! That is SO disgusting. Anyways, Amen to everything on both lists.

janel said...

It seems you left off a few important things. On the "love" side: --Having a family that's so concerned about my temporal well being, even on the days I get up late --Comments on my blog --writing poetry --snuggling : )

On the "don't love" side: --writing papers --short naps --crane flies

ryan said...

I'd like to contest Janel's point on the don't side. I'm personally working on Suzy to convert her to power naps, so don't give her any ideas.

ryan said...

Oh, and there are a few other things I'd like to add. For the loves: Watching Fiddler on the roof when all your roommates are gone or asleep, Victor Ludlow's paper on agency, not having to be the one to make friday night plans.
Don't loves: Santa Clause, extended caroling visits, v-neck t-shirts, overly friendly boys, a malfunctioning hippocampus.

L. said...

What great lists. Almost thou persuadest me to make one of my own . . . almost. --Mom

janel said...

how about raspberry sherbet from the creamery?