Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thoughts About College

Things that I like about college:

Hmmm…well, let’s start with the other end of the spectrum first.

Things that I don’t like about college:

-Girls whose main goals at BYU this semester are the following:

a) become the Relief Society President

b) break the record for the longest time spent in front of a mirror

c) make sure everyone knows how spiritual they are

d) be stupid (this definitely includes but is not limited to shrieking at the jokes of the nearest male in order to get his attention)

e) have a social life and only a social life…who needs an education anyway? What a bore…

--Roommates who are selfish and don’t even want to keep dishes together

--The necessity of having your key on you every time you leave your dorm (not to mention if you lose it--or in my case "when you lose it"--you're thirty freaking bucks in the hole)

--The stress of cooking, or of trying to when all you have are cheerios, fruit loops, and powdered milk

--Feeling guilty that you’ve been officially “moved out” for a mere 30 hours and you’ve already gone home twice

--Carpet that makes your feet black

--Mooching cheese off your parents when you come home

--Fast and testimony meetings where there’s a line ten people deep thirty seconds after the time has been opened up for testimonies

--Sunday School lessons that aren’t good because they’re taught by someone your own age who has never even read 1 Corinthians

Okay, back to Things that I like about college:

Well, let's just say that I'm still working on this one. I have a nice quilt on my bed...that's pathetic. Obviously, as you can see, I'm just a little disillusioned with the whole social aspect of my oh-so-mature freshman ward. As Janel always says, if life gives you lemons, make lemon juice, right? The only problem is, I'm still looking for the recipe... Which reminds me I forgot to pack any cookbooks or even a single recipe...
I will henceforth be taking donations for my laptop so I can look up from my apartment so I don't starve. Please be generous.


Janel Williams said...

I donate my computer to your usage...but you have to come visit us to use it! I'll work on that lemonade recipe. Just hang in there. Don't feel panicked to do exactly what everyone else is doing. Watch for people that are genuine and like you, then figure out ways to get to know them. And pray to find a friend. It works.

Courtney said...

I know exactly how you feel with the black feet and the carpet thing. Our carpet is the same way. Gross. We got a carpet cleaner and cleaned ours. I highly recommened it. I also know exactly what you mean with the testimony meeting. My church was the same way. Haha. Hang in there Suz. Like President Hinckley says "It's not as bad as you think it is. Things work out." You need to come over and visit. And I need to come visit you.