Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's official! ... and I'm not abudcted, due to seemingly popular opinion

Yes, I am officially a college student. It is a very weird feeling. I feel a little insignificant amongst all these strangers, but I think I will enjoy it much more than Timpview. As of right now, however, I feel that I am definitely not the typical college student in that I do not have
a) a cell phone
b) a lap top
c) a social life
It's all good, though, and hopefully at least one or all of those things will be forthcoming...hint, hint, dad? Okay, I'm off to class, just wanted to update you all. I'll try to post often, but there aren't any guarantees since I'll always have to be doing it at the library.
Oh, and I'm living in Heritage Halls and love it. I think I will get along well with my roommates, for the most part... Funny story: Last night I was working at Brick Oven. I told my roommate that my shift was scheduled from 5-10, but when I get off varies depending on how many people go out to eat. Anyway, I got off around 10:30 or 10:45, and headed over to Becca and Jordan's really quick to talk about my audition, eat some dinner and cosas. I got back to the dorm around 11:20, and my roommates were practically in a panic worrying about me! I guess they just kept thinking about that BYU student who is missing... Anyway, since I don't have a phone, they only had my home phone number at my family's, so they called my dad and told him I hadn't come home from work and they were worried... He told them he'd take care of it, hung up, and...did nothing. :) Thanks, Dad. Honestly, though, I think it's hilarious that they were so worried. And Dad knows that sometimes I get home at midnight because everyone and their dog wants to eat at Brick Oven (don't ask me why, it's definitely not because of the normal managers), so he wasn't worried either. Ha!


Janel Williams said...

Ha, Suz, your hint to Dad certainly worked. Within half an hour of your post, I got an email from him asking how much it would cost to get you a cell phone! Might as well throw in a plug for your own car while you're at it, and with such success! And you could request a new bike for me...for safety purposes, and...I can think of a few other things...

Courtney said...

Your audition? What audtion? I want to know. Don't I get to know? We need to catch up sometime.