Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm waxing poetic...

While attempting to pack my life into a few boxes this weekend, I came upon an old notebook from a creative writing class I took in high school. I don't even remember writing most of this stuff, and I was surprised at myself...thanks Ms. Paul.

The tsunami, gathering momentum, hurls itself toward the beach. It smashes closed doors and obliterates entire walls; palm trees, automobiles, and sunbathers succumb to its chilling embrace.

Poverty gives the unprepared a reality check. It tears apart families. It tears apart lives. Once it's lured you unconsciously into its lair, it's like climbing up an escalator going a wheelchair. Other times, poverty pounces on the unfortunate as a cat on a mouse.

On a lighter note, lest you think I am morbid all of the time:

Surprise is lime green
An exploding balloon
The mystery flavor in a bag of Skittles
Freshly bought wrapping paper
A swiftly concealed glance
The suspense before a rollercoaster starts.

And my personal favorite:

Hope is the pale yellow of a full moon
A chickadee's song on a cloudless morning
French Vanilla ice-cream that half melts on the spoon
The cherry blossoms in the backyard
A smile amidst scowls
The reason to live another day.

Not too shabby? I obviously didn't think they were too bad, or I wouldn't have posted them... Anyway, if you have a minute please let me know what you think, which one is your favorite, etc. I'd love to hear any suggestions or comments that you have!


Wilson Family said...

Those are really nice. Janel and I were both talking about how good they were and I thought, well why haven't I even told Suzy that then?! Keep it up.

Mark said...

Awesome poems. Such a creative brain. You should major in Creative Writing, or maybe Music Composition or Visual Art. Oh, no, I've got it--major in Interpretive Dance! I sure wish I had.