Thursday, September 20, 2007

HBLL, LL, & 270J

I never realized how insignificant I was until I came to BYU. With 30,000 other students walking around, talking on their cell phones (anything to avoid making eye contact or, heaven forbid, acknowledge someone in passing), it's easy to feel lost, alone, meaningless. But luckily I have 3 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, 1 father, and about half my high school's graduating class to keep me from feeling too forlorn on campus. Yeah, the first week wasn't so hot. But, whatever you do, don't stop reading here. It's better now! Yay. So the total number of students hasn't changed. I don't actually know that many more people now than I did two weeks ago. I settling in with the flow of things, I guess.

My recent accomplishments are quite nerdy and somewhat lengthily described below, so feel free to skim (or skip). However, I am proud of them in a motherly sort of way.

I discovered the library. The Harold B. Lee Library and I are pretty tight these days. Sometimes I go to visit Kim in the Family History Library but she's never there. And it's usually freezing cold in there, although the computers are usually open (which is a definite plus). Oh, and don't forget the old people that talk really loud when they a) get really excited about some new finding or b) can't figure out how to open the Internet browser. So I tried out the Periodicals section. I'm sure I was more excited than the first man who discovered gold at Sutter's mill. This place was amazing. It's difficult to explain...the absolute quietness was a definite plus from the stupid little white walk man who beeps all night long through my window... Granted, there were only fifteen other people there...and it was 6:00 pm on a Friday night...but when I unzipped my backpack a thunderous roar filled the room. I got so into my homework that I actually read too far in my textbook! When I realized this, I was annoyed that I needed to go on to other homework--I kept wanting to learn about art concepts (how nerdy is that). Wow. I actually have yet to re-experience this amazing solitude amongst the Periodicals, because during the day about a gazillion people are in there too. This week, though, I made a discovery that is giving the good ol' HBLL a run for its money: the Law Library! A mere two steps from Bowen Hall, I can run over there after dinner and sneak in an hour or two of more studying. Plus, I feel smarter there: someone might even think I'm a law student (or so I fantasize). The only problem with these two libraries is the lack of printing abilities I face. Yeah, I guess I could go put money on my card so I could print stuff. But I'm always looking for a good excuse to interrupt studying, so a "quick" stop at Dad's office couldn't hurt, right? Dad gives me food, encouragement, printer usage, and hugs. I feel important when I visit him, and I do believe I'll be a frequent visitor the next ten years (or longer, depending on how long it takes me to pick a major).


Kim said...

First of all, if you actually asked my work schedule, you might find me at the FHL. Secondly, you'd better watch out. The periodical section has a reputation for people going there to get dates (not that that has every happened to me, so maybe you're safe . . . ) Happy studying!

janel said...

Ha! So funny. I wish I'd figured out the Law Library thing. But, beware, you'll probably find yourself turning down (or accepting!) dates from duly impressed law students. Look on the bright side: at least if you marry a law student, maybe he can support you during your 10-year-undergrad-stint at BYU. That is, as long as he hasn't secretly attended Notre Dame for three years to really rack up the loans. Better check that out before the second date. : ) Keep it up. My favorite study place was 5th floor, old section of the library. I'll show you sometime.