Saturday, September 22, 2007

College Vocab Is KILLING Me!

It's hard to be at BYU around thousands of people who are both smarter and cuter than you. Coming across this sentence in a Psychology reading didn't help boost my morale too much:

"The standardized power of periodic signal change at the frequency of alternation between the control and activation conditions was estimated by fitting a sinusoidal regression model, by means of an iterated least squares procedure, to the movement-corrected time functional MRI series at each voxel."

This one's a little better:

"This map was thresholded to generate a set of spatially contiguous three-dimensional clusters of suprathreshold voxel statistics, and the sum of suprathreshold voxel statistics in each cluster was tested against its sampled permutation distribution under the null hypothesis of zero group effect with a twotailed p value of <0.01>."

If anyone has any clue what the heck that means (or what the author was smoking when she wrote it), please let me know, because I most certainly don't. Until then, I'll be hanging out at the library, sweating buckets to get through a mere three page essay and hopefully walk away with some (I'll even take any) level of comprehension whatsoever.


Ryan said...

Hey Suz, you should give my Music 101 class a try. We cover such advanced vocabulary as Whole note, Scale, Melody, and try this one on for size: Mezzo-forte. Sheesh, when they started throwing in italian words, I didn't know how the heck I was going to figure that stuff out. Here's some advice, make sure your hippocampus is healthy, and you'll be set :)

Kim said...

I know how you feel. I have to read from a book called Women and the Law of property. It's pretty nasty. I think I need Mark around for a walking law dictionary!

janel said...

Don't sweat buckets. Just learn how to nod thoughtfully when the professor (or brown-noser boy next to you) quotes something like that. That's a skill I learned in Abstract Algebra. It still comes in handy! Which is why I read Ryan's comment, and when I got to "hippocampus" I dusted off the old nod. Maybe we are surrounded by a bunch of geniuses and we're the only ones pretending? Nah. I doubt it.

Rebecca said...

Don't worry--the author probably can't even understand what he wrote.