Saturday, September 29, 2007

Suz Has An Announcement...

25 months from yesterday I could be in the MTC. WOOT! I'm getting so old. But I like it, if it means I can count down until my mission. :)

I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A mere nod and smile at the person sitting diagonal to you at the library table can work wonders. In the library where unzipping a backpack sends a roar of soundwaves hurtling into scores of stressed students, this simple nod is advantageous, for speaking in a library is, as we all know, strictly forbidden. You know that phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? The Nod, as long as eye contact is made and it's accompanied with a smile, has the ability to convey even more than that. It can mean some or all of the following: "Hi ... how are you doing? ... Do you mind if I sit here? ... That textbook looks heavy and way intense, so I won't bother you ... I'm stressed about mid-terms, too ... I'll make sure my phone's on silent so I don't embarrass us both ... There really isn't a way these chairs could be more uncomfortable, is there? ... Does this tapping bother you? ... (and with a longing glance out the window) I too wish I could be out there enjoying autumn in Utah, but no, professors just like to interfere with life. I feel your pain. ..." By the time you leave the library, you're practically best friends and you haven't spoken a word.

Who ever said you needed words to communicate?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

College Vocab Is KILLING Me!

It's hard to be at BYU around thousands of people who are both smarter and cuter than you. Coming across this sentence in a Psychology reading didn't help boost my morale too much:

"The standardized power of periodic signal change at the frequency of alternation between the control and activation conditions was estimated by fitting a sinusoidal regression model, by means of an iterated least squares procedure, to the movement-corrected time functional MRI series at each voxel."

This one's a little better:

"This map was thresholded to generate a set of spatially contiguous three-dimensional clusters of suprathreshold voxel statistics, and the sum of suprathreshold voxel statistics in each cluster was tested against its sampled permutation distribution under the null hypothesis of zero group effect with a twotailed p value of <0.01>."

If anyone has any clue what the heck that means (or what the author was smoking when she wrote it), please let me know, because I most certainly don't. Until then, I'll be hanging out at the library, sweating buckets to get through a mere three page essay and hopefully walk away with some (I'll even take any) level of comprehension whatsoever.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

HBLL, LL, & 270J

I never realized how insignificant I was until I came to BYU. With 30,000 other students walking around, talking on their cell phones (anything to avoid making eye contact or, heaven forbid, acknowledge someone in passing), it's easy to feel lost, alone, meaningless. But luckily I have 3 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, 1 father, and about half my high school's graduating class to keep me from feeling too forlorn on campus. Yeah, the first week wasn't so hot. But, whatever you do, don't stop reading here. It's better now! Yay. So the total number of students hasn't changed. I don't actually know that many more people now than I did two weeks ago. I settling in with the flow of things, I guess.

My recent accomplishments are quite nerdy and somewhat lengthily described below, so feel free to skim (or skip). However, I am proud of them in a motherly sort of way.

I discovered the library. The Harold B. Lee Library and I are pretty tight these days. Sometimes I go to visit Kim in the Family History Library but she's never there. And it's usually freezing cold in there, although the computers are usually open (which is a definite plus). Oh, and don't forget the old people that talk really loud when they a) get really excited about some new finding or b) can't figure out how to open the Internet browser. So I tried out the Periodicals section. I'm sure I was more excited than the first man who discovered gold at Sutter's mill. This place was amazing. It's difficult to explain...the absolute quietness was a definite plus from the stupid little white walk man who beeps all night long through my window... Granted, there were only fifteen other people there...and it was 6:00 pm on a Friday night...but when I unzipped my backpack a thunderous roar filled the room. I got so into my homework that I actually read too far in my textbook! When I realized this, I was annoyed that I needed to go on to other homework--I kept wanting to learn about art concepts (how nerdy is that). Wow. I actually have yet to re-experience this amazing solitude amongst the Periodicals, because during the day about a gazillion people are in there too. This week, though, I made a discovery that is giving the good ol' HBLL a run for its money: the Law Library! A mere two steps from Bowen Hall, I can run over there after dinner and sneak in an hour or two of more studying. Plus, I feel smarter there: someone might even think I'm a law student (or so I fantasize). The only problem with these two libraries is the lack of printing abilities I face. Yeah, I guess I could go put money on my card so I could print stuff. But I'm always looking for a good excuse to interrupt studying, so a "quick" stop at Dad's office couldn't hurt, right? Dad gives me food, encouragement, printer usage, and hugs. I feel important when I visit him, and I do believe I'll be a frequent visitor the next ten years (or longer, depending on how long it takes me to pick a major).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Dark's so much fun!

Yes, it's official: I have gone over to the Dark Side. As of 10:30 this blessed morning and thanks to my father's generosity, I am officially no longer a member of the good ol
of which I was so long a member (18 years, 10 months, and 2 weeks to be exact).
Do you hear any complaining?
Bring it on, social life.

Friday, September 07, 2007


This is just a memo to all that if you'd like one last chance to see me in action at Utah's highest customer satisfaction rated restaurant, the renowed one-and-only Brick Oven, drop by tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Going once...going twice...gone.

Oh and FYI, just make sure the management doesn't think you're related to an employee and you might get decent service.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's official! ... and I'm not abudcted, due to seemingly popular opinion

Yes, I am officially a college student. It is a very weird feeling. I feel a little insignificant amongst all these strangers, but I think I will enjoy it much more than Timpview. As of right now, however, I feel that I am definitely not the typical college student in that I do not have
a) a cell phone
b) a lap top
c) a social life
It's all good, though, and hopefully at least one or all of those things will be forthcoming...hint, hint, dad? Okay, I'm off to class, just wanted to update you all. I'll try to post often, but there aren't any guarantees since I'll always have to be doing it at the library.
Oh, and I'm living in Heritage Halls and love it. I think I will get along well with my roommates, for the most part... Funny story: Last night I was working at Brick Oven. I told my roommate that my shift was scheduled from 5-10, but when I get off varies depending on how many people go out to eat. Anyway, I got off around 10:30 or 10:45, and headed over to Becca and Jordan's really quick to talk about my audition, eat some dinner and cosas. I got back to the dorm around 11:20, and my roommates were practically in a panic worrying about me! I guess they just kept thinking about that BYU student who is missing... Anyway, since I don't have a phone, they only had my home phone number at my family's, so they called my dad and told him I hadn't come home from work and they were worried... He told them he'd take care of it, hung up, and...did nothing. :) Thanks, Dad. Honestly, though, I think it's hilarious that they were so worried. And Dad knows that sometimes I get home at midnight because everyone and their dog wants to eat at Brick Oven (don't ask me why, it's definitely not because of the normal managers), so he wasn't worried either. Ha!

Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm waxing poetic...

While attempting to pack my life into a few boxes this weekend, I came upon an old notebook from a creative writing class I took in high school. I don't even remember writing most of this stuff, and I was surprised at myself...thanks Ms. Paul.

The tsunami, gathering momentum, hurls itself toward the beach. It smashes closed doors and obliterates entire walls; palm trees, automobiles, and sunbathers succumb to its chilling embrace.

Poverty gives the unprepared a reality check. It tears apart families. It tears apart lives. Once it's lured you unconsciously into its lair, it's like climbing up an escalator going a wheelchair. Other times, poverty pounces on the unfortunate as a cat on a mouse.

On a lighter note, lest you think I am morbid all of the time:

Surprise is lime green
An exploding balloon
The mystery flavor in a bag of Skittles
Freshly bought wrapping paper
A swiftly concealed glance
The suspense before a rollercoaster starts.

And my personal favorite:

Hope is the pale yellow of a full moon
A chickadee's song on a cloudless morning
French Vanilla ice-cream that half melts on the spoon
The cherry blossoms in the backyard
A smile amidst scowls
The reason to live another day.

Not too shabby? I obviously didn't think they were too bad, or I wouldn't have posted them... Anyway, if you have a minute please let me know what you think, which one is your favorite, etc. I'd love to hear any suggestions or comments that you have!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thoughts About College

Things that I like about college:

Hmmm…well, let’s start with the other end of the spectrum first.

Things that I don’t like about college:

-Girls whose main goals at BYU this semester are the following:

a) become the Relief Society President

b) break the record for the longest time spent in front of a mirror

c) make sure everyone knows how spiritual they are

d) be stupid (this definitely includes but is not limited to shrieking at the jokes of the nearest male in order to get his attention)

e) have a social life and only a social life…who needs an education anyway? What a bore…

--Roommates who are selfish and don’t even want to keep dishes together

--The necessity of having your key on you every time you leave your dorm (not to mention if you lose it--or in my case "when you lose it"--you're thirty freaking bucks in the hole)

--The stress of cooking, or of trying to when all you have are cheerios, fruit loops, and powdered milk

--Feeling guilty that you’ve been officially “moved out” for a mere 30 hours and you’ve already gone home twice

--Carpet that makes your feet black

--Mooching cheese off your parents when you come home

--Fast and testimony meetings where there’s a line ten people deep thirty seconds after the time has been opened up for testimonies

--Sunday School lessons that aren’t good because they’re taught by someone your own age who has never even read 1 Corinthians

Okay, back to Things that I like about college:

Well, let's just say that I'm still working on this one. I have a nice quilt on my bed...that's pathetic. Obviously, as you can see, I'm just a little disillusioned with the whole social aspect of my oh-so-mature freshman ward. As Janel always says, if life gives you lemons, make lemon juice, right? The only problem is, I'm still looking for the recipe... Which reminds me I forgot to pack any cookbooks or even a single recipe...
I will henceforth be taking donations for my laptop so I can look up from my apartment so I don't starve. Please be generous.