Saturday, August 18, 2007

Doubles and Dorky Ties

Well, Brick Oven officially rules my life. Ah me. But not for long. But they seem to be wringing every fiber of productivity and usefulness out of me before I go... Seeing as next week is Education Week, I won't be seeing much of anyone or doing much of anything besides hanging out working my bum off at the Oven, and then I believe I'm planning on quitting when school starts. So anyone who wants to can come visit me...please, help me keep my sanity already. In memory of my three doubles in three days (double = lunch and dinner shift) and at Janel's persuasion, I've posted a loverly picture of me in my barfy Brick Oven uniform, complete with dorky tie. Thank you.
(And, contrary to some opinions, I accept tips :)


Janel Williams said...

Good news, Suz. Just hang in there for a few weeks, until Sep 8, 2007, and minimum wage for Utah goes up to a whopping $5.85 (from $5.15). Then you and Mark can take Brick Oven to court for paying their cutest employee less than half of minimum wage on a regular basis, and probably ask for at least a year's worth of free food in damages. I think. Based on my extensive knowledge of the law. Or maybe that comment was just based on my extensive love of Brick Oven food.

Janel Williams said...

Next entry: wisdom teeth?

Courtney said...

Hey suz! Are you ever going to post again?